Jun 13, 2012

Different Learning Styles

Think about what are all the differences are. This may just be a case of having a different learning style than your child. For example, my daughter is very kinesthetic (a mover) and I am more auditory. Sign language is VERY difficult for me, but a breeze for her. We use it to compromise on how she takes spelling quizzes - she hates writing and gets distracted doing it verbally, so she finger spells her words.

My other idea is, and feels free to completely disregard this one, is to either do a pre-packaged curriculum or join a charter. Anything you ask him to do from then on out is then "not your idea" and would seem more like he's doing it for "someone else". My theory, maybe far fetched, on this is that, if it is the "you" in the situation, then you will be removing that in appearance. As stated before, feel free to disregard. I do my own curriculum, I would personally not do a full prepackaged curriculum, nor go the charter/ISP route. BUT, maybe it is an idea for this situation.