Aug 6, 2012

One of those days!

Yeah, I’ve had those days, weeks, and months. The best-laid plans just get thwarted until you feel like stapling their little hiney to a seat and sticking a workbook in front of them...arrrgh!

Why do you think that he would work more enthusiastically in a classroom? Is it just the "you" in the process?

Maybe, you could think about taking him to an organized class on some topic or subject. It would help take pressure off of you and then you could see how he reacts. Then maybe you can compare the two situations and see what the difference is (and try to see beyond taking it personally. My 5 yr old daughter takes enrichment classes for fun and to work with others as well as to supplement my curriculum: science (chemistry), sign Language, soccer (skill building, not competitive), swim, and gymnastics. What I also like about these classes is that most use equipment that I could never have in our home - bonus all around.