Feb 13, 2014

Gently introduce a new topic

Instead of telling him, "We're going to learn about the Arctic today and I have lots of fun things planned!" (My ds would resist if I did this), maybe you could you just introduce the topic in a sneaky way--read the Polar Bear book as a bedtime story, then casually talk about the book over breakfast ("I wonder how many seals a polar bear eats in a week.") or ask him to draw a picture about the story the next morning (my ds LOVES the dry erase board!). Maybe go to the library and find a National Geographic video on the Arctic. I have discovered that if I put a poster on the wall, my ds memorizes it. It's weird, but it works. Maybe just explore and experiment with different ways of approaching education--to try to find what works best for him.

Maybe you could "pretend" and teach him--you could be a seal and he could be a polar bear and tell him that polar bears wait on the ice to see a seal and then the bear grabs it from the water!

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